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Dental Implants 11375

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Replace Missing Teeth

Living with teeth missing can cause all kinds of stress. You may feel frustrated when it comes to eating, chewing or biting down, or even speaking or breathing normally. Even the appearance of missing teeth can have you feeling concerned about your appearance. You may also feel some discomfort as well. Missing teeth can put a significant amount of strain on your bite and cause a series of dental and oral health issues, but dental implants may be the solution and we here at MK Dental in the 11375 area can provide them for you.

Dental Implants 11375
Dental Implants 11375

Dental implant restoration is a bit more intensive than other traditional dentures like bridges or dentures. These other methods do not provide the same support as your natural teeth once did when you still had them. Dental implants, unlike those other traditional methods, are much different. They look and feel a lot more like natural and can withstand greater amounts of pressure when biting, chewing or eating. This is due to the surgical insertion of titanium metal posts that will serve as the foundation for your artificial teeth. These posts are inserted through the gums and into the jaw. They will then meld with your bone in a completely biological process known as osseointegration which is what allows for these posts to be so sturdy and reliable, acting very much like a tooth root. Once these posts have healed, your artificial teeth will be inserted here at MK Dental. These teeth will be designed to look natural and white, matching any remaining teeth you may still have. This method is most often used for people whose teeth cannot be salvaged or for those who are missing their front bottom teeth since these teeth see the most friction when masticating. With a full dental implant restoration you will be able to eat, speak and smile just like you used to.

Don’t add any more stress to your bite or keep your smile hidden from the world any longer. Simply make an appointment with us at MK Dental. Call us today at our dental offices in the 11375 area to schedule a preliminary exam and consultation to see whether a dental implant restoration is the best solution for your smile.

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