Dentist office in Forest Hills

Dentist Office in Forest Hills

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Preventive care in Forest Hills

Dentist office in Forest Hills
Dentist office in Forest Hills

The best preventive care halts the progress of tooth decay and gum disease that can develop from the effects of dental plaque. There are various things you can do at home that have a positive impact, but you should also come in twice per year to our dentist office in Forest Hills. A professional teeth cleaning at MK Dental makes a big difference in maintaining optimal dental and periodontal health.

Plaque is a filmy bacteria that forms on your teeth, gets between them, and also inserts itself at the gum line. It is fueled by sugar consumption, and erodes or decays your tooth enamel to form cavities. It is bad for your gums, too. Initially, with early stage gum disease, gingivitis, there is often reddening and irritation. If gum disease progresses to the advanced stage of periodontitis, you are likely to experience more serious consequences, such as receding gums, bleeding when you brush, and persistent bad breath. Eventually, vital gum and bone tissue can be lost, and your teeth may loosen as a result. Thorough brushing twice per day and flossing once go a long way toward removing plaque and preventing it from causing harm. Not all of it can be gotten that way, however, and what escapes your oral hygiene routine hardens into tartar. You need our dentist office in Forest Hills to eliminate tartar. It’s one of two key outcomes you get from a six month teeth cleaning. The other is that the effects of gingivitis are reversed, and gum disease does not progress any further. You will be spared the more severe symptoms mentioned, along with the more complicated treatments required to address it effectively.

In order to tend to your optimal preventive care, please contact our dentist office in Forest Hills and make an appointment right now for a teeth cleaning.

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