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Veneers in Forest Hills

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If you are looking for an answer for your chipped, stained, misshaped, unevenly spaced or worn teeth, after an appointment with Forest Hills dental office, MK Dental, you may discover dental veneers are the perfect solution.  Dental veneers are thin, porcelain overlays that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth.  Veneers can mask a number of conditions by making your teeth appear whiter, evenly spaced and uniformly sized, while looking natural and blending with your own teeth to create a beautifully enhanced and restored smile.  We use the latest methodology and implement the strictest sterilization techniques for your comfort and safety.

During an initial consultation in our Forest Hills dental office at MK Dental, we encourage patients to fully discuss the finished look they are hoping to achieve.  As a restorative dentist, Dr. Krikhely will first thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to assess and confirm if dental veneers are the correct service to meet your needs.  Your unique condition may require other or additional treatments combined with dental veneers to achieve your desired look.  The next step is to determine proper size, shape and color of your new veneer.  Once the dental veneer is ready for placement, any preparation of your natural tooth will be performed then the veneer will be positioned and bonded into place.  The finished result can be a whiter, straighter appearance in a more pleasing shape and size with a stain resistant porcelain finish.  The same procedure may be used whether you are receiving one or several veneers.  Your new dental veneer will require the same oral hygiene care as your natural teeth including twice daily brushing, flossing and regular professional cleanings.

To see if a dental veneer procedure at MK Dental, your Forest Hills dental office, is the correct dental service for you to restore your beautiful smile, please call our office at (718) 989-1995.  A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be address your concerns, answer questions and schedule a convenient appointment, day, evening and on Sundays, in our office. We look forward to helping you reclaim your brilliant and healthy smile.

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