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Veneers, crowns in Rego Park

Rego Park dentist
Rego Park dentist

Veneers and crowns serve many of the same purposes. And both of them are available here at MK Dental. Improve the look of your tooth, strengthen them, and have a smile that you feel more positive about.

A crown is also called a cap sometimes. They mean the same thing. Crowns are placed over teeth, and are ideal for the restoration of a tooth that has been damaged, such as chipped or cracked; or one that is misshapen, crooked, or discolored, for example. Our Rego Park dentist will also utilize a crown for a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, giving it back full size and functionality. In addition, crowns are key parts of dental implants and fixed dental bridges. They are made from tooth-colored material, with porcelain being a popular choice. Veneers, instead of being put on top of teeth, are put in front of them. They are typically designed for cosmetic use, but do have some restorative applications, as well. As a general rule, one or two teeth will be better off being treated with crowns, while multiple teeth are better suited to veneers, which are thin shells. Often made of porcelain, too, they are perfect for transforming a smile that is beset by a many teeth and/or many problems into one that looks brand new. Both veneers and crowns will take two to three visits to see our Rego Park dentist. Impressions are sent to the dental lab, and used to create your crown or veneers. They’ll be fitted at our office, with adjustments being made to ensure optimal comfort and appearance.

It’s never been easier to address problems with how teeth look, or to bolster those that have become structurally weak. Whether veneers or crowns are more appropriate for you (or a combination of them), our Rego Park dentist is prepared to help. All you need do is call us to schedule an appointment.

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