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Teeth Replacement in Forest Hills NY

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Forest Hills Removable Teeth

You may have already heard about dental implants. For although they have been around for a while, they remain the newest and most advanced dental restoration available. At MK Dental, we can put in a dental implant when you have a single missing tooth or to replace several. If you already have a removable appliance, such as partial dentures, we can exchange that for dental implants with our teeth replacement in Forest Hills NY.

Teeth Replacement in Forest Hills NY
Teeth Replacement in Forest Hills NY

Partial dentures have stood the test of time and if you wear them, you already know that they have their advantages. However, they are not always ideal. For one thing, the dental adhesive used to keep them in place can be messy to use. And even with it, partial dentures can slide around when you chew or talk, making you less than fully confident. Also, while dentures give you a cosmetic and functional replacement for the teeth you’re missing, they don’t do anything about replacing the root. The gum and bone tissue underneath may atrophy and your facial contours could change with the tooth root no longer in its normal position. The answer is our teeth replacement in Forest Hills NY.

Dental implants act as a restoration for both the tooth and the root. Here’s how they work: Our dentist will place a cylindrical titanium post in your jaw for each tooth that needs replacing. Over the course of a few months, your jaw bone will grow around that post and cause it to fuse. The posts effectively replace the roots of the original teeth and form a strong foundation. A tooth-colored crown is then placed on top and cemented into place. You will quickly discover that our teeth replacement in Forest Hills NY not only looks like real teeth, but feels like them too. You can eat normally and speak normally. Floss between them and brush them just as you would any other tooth.

Of course, unlike natural teeth, these aren’t subject to tooth decay or the pain of infections. It’s a whole new lease on your dental well-being and your smile. Is our teeth replacement in Forest Hills NY the right choice for you? There’s only one way to find out. Call us and schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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